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Run over as much ghoulies as you can within the time limit!

UPDATE 17/4/14 V.3: Shifting into reverse caused the car to turn the other way. Fixed.

UPDATE 17/4/14 V.2: Put some wall graphics around the gameplay area to make the limits clearer. Also, there's a hidden secret mode, which hopefully you'll find yourself without any hints or help. ;)

Inspired by Rami Ismail's article about doing one game a week and Chris DeLeon's suggestion of learning how to make games by cloning from earlier game design eras. This was a good exercise, even if I broke the "deadline" by one day. I even went through the actual original Death Race manual which I found very interesting.

left key or a: turn left

right key or s: turn right

ctrl: low speed

shift: medium speed

ctrl + shift: high speed

alt: shift stick

TIP: As soon as you strike an enemy hit that shift stick! You'll get out faster than if you try to power through the tombstone.

I might update it if time allows.